who are we?

Zsolt Tátrai

Founder, Head of Design Division, Head of QA, Head of Marketing&PR, CEO, COO, CCRP, YMCA 

(The SPQR is pictured above with the members of the company’s elite Game Development Prevention Team)

Tamás Kiss

Head of Programming Division, Head of His Own Body 


Obligatory (pseudo-cute) photo of indie game developer’s dog

about funny angle games

Funny Angle Games is a Hungarian indie game studio comprising two veteran developers. 

The company was founded by Zsolt Tátrai, former studio director of Most Wanted Entertainment, who got absolutely fed up with working on mediocre to godawful work-for-hire projects for years.

Aside from those shovelware titles though, the team members did have the privilege to work on a couple of great games, too, including Thunder Wolves and  Nexus – The Jupiter Incident.

Funny Angle Games’ first title, the unique simulation/management RPG, Cattle Call: Hollywood Talent Manager is coming to Steam Early Access in October 2018, after 3 years of development.


25 Fo utca

Kapolnasnyek, Hungary